I’m Walking Around At A Conference

It’s at Talis park here in Florida and a beautiful golf course right behind me there, and what I’m noticing is a lot of these folks that are walking around here on the golf course, they look like this.

So they call that anterior head carriage, and if you have that, if you do you know that you’re one of these people, your head’s sticking forward like that when you’re walking around or someone’s always telling you to send that straight.

A lot of times what happens is the reason we, our heads come forward. It’s because your body is trying to help the airway open up so you can breathe better.

So if you have this anterior head carriage, all the time it could be that you have some sort of obstructive sleep apnea.

And if that is the case, especially if you snore and you have that head carriage, we need to talk.