I Think One Of The Things I Like Most About Winter Is The Cold Weather

I always sleep so much better when it’s cold outside, leaving a little crack in the window and cover-up under all the blankets.

And that’s one thing I’ve noticed, too, when I’ve been hiking and backpacking is I always seem to sleep better.

And even if it’s just in the sleeping bag on the ground, I always sleep better when I’m backpacking.

I think two reasons, one, I’m probably pretty tired from hiking all day, and then number two, being that close to nature outside, the breeze, the cooler air, the little nighttime sounds.

And I think there’s something to be said for not being so close to all the electrical stuff that we’re around all day, all the electrical lighting and the sounds and all that stuff.

Getting away from that helps.

And in clinical practice, the same thing.

I’ve noticed people that have trouble sleeping, people have trouble getting a good night’s rest, and can’t recover from one day to the next they almost always take longer to get better, which is another way to kind of validate how important sleep is.

So for anybody watching this video who isn’t getting good sleep and doesn’t wake up feeling refreshed every day as you should, A, that’s not okay, and B, look for some help.

We can help you.

We can offer some advice or some tips and tricks.

And sometimes, the reason you’re not sleeping well is that something is going on with your body that you need to get help from a doctor with.

So make sure you’re getting good sleep.

And if you’re not, be willing to explore doing different things, maybe even try and sleep outside, see if that helps those kinds of things.

I’ve heard people doing that where they have, like, little, almost like an outdoor sleeping cabin at their house because they like to sleep outside versus inside.

But if that means getting better sleep, then so be it.

Do what you need to. My name is Dr. Jason.

I work with The Specific Chiropractic Center here in Chico, and I like helping people get better sleeper because I know how important it is.