I remember, but barely, the first time in my life that I had a sleep issue.

And it was around the time of my daughter being born.

So we had a three-year-old son at the time, brought home a new infant, and my wife and I have to work full time so trying to manage a three-year-old and an infant and preschool and nursing and life and work, the whole thing, it got to us.

My sleep began to suffer, and I noticed that as that happened for months on end, I wasn’t able to get good sleep, and my body began to ache.

My mind was cloudy.

I couldn’t concentrate, I actually ran a red light once or twice on the way to work just because I wasn’t able to focus.

I started to gain weight even, with not getting enough sleep.

And finally I was able to get back on track as my daughter got older.

But man, that first year, year and a half was pretty rough.

I know from working with patients here in Chico in the last twelve years, that sleep was affected by just about every health issue, whether it’s pain that keeps you up or anxiety or stress, or blood sugar issues.

If you’re not getting good sleep, then it’s going to wreck  lot of other things in your life, the quality of your life, and your concentration.

Getting back to a place where you get good sleep is super important, super important for long-term health as well.

Getting old and being able to keep your wits about you is connected to what’s happening now with your sleep.

If somebody out there watching this video has trouble with their sleep or are concerned that they’re not getting enough sleep, we encourage you to reach out to us for help.