“Hey Dr. Drew, I know you, as a chiropractor, don’t know anything else about the body besides the back, so you think you can help me out with this?”

This is something that I hear all the time — chiropractors are just back doctors, and we don’t know anything else about the rest of the body.

That’s not true.

We work primarily with the spine, but it’s for a completely different reason. You see, the spine actually protects and houses the central nervous system.

We know that the work that we do on the spine, specifically up here in the top of the neck, actually has a direct impact on the central nervous system.

When there’s a disturbance in the nervous system, it impacts the way the body functions.

In other words, our role as the chiropractor is really to test the function of your nervous system and make sure we can address it and fix it correctly, so that way your body can work at its optimal.

That’s why so often people report after receiving chiropractic care that they feel so much better because their body is actually working at its true potential.

If you’re looking for someone to help you beyond just being the back doctor, go ahead and give us a call.