There are three kinds of stress that tend to break us down and make us sick.

There is emotional stress, chemical stress, and physical stress/traumas.

We all face that kind of stress, but what happens is that our bodies, at some point, lose their ability to adapt to those stressors.

We can’t stop stress from happening to us. We have all kinds of things coming at us every single day, but what we need to do is make sure that our bodies can adapt and overcome the stressors as they come at us. That’s what we do at the office.

I own the Specific Chiropractic Center here in Chico, and we find out if your body is capable of adapting to those stressors. if it’s not, you’re probably going to be sick.

You’re probably going to feel like your shoulders are up around your ears because you’re so stressed out all the time, because eventually what starts to happen is you can’t adapt to those stressors, so everything coming into your body at some point, your brain just decides, “You know what? I think this is a stressor. I think that this is a life threatening and I’m just going to go ahead and live in that fight-or-flight mode.”

If you are feeling like that, that’s probably a sign that your body lost its ability to adapt.

It can no longer figure out if it should be in stress mode or calm mode. It just defaults to stress because that’s a survival mechanism that we have.

The bummer is when you get stuck in that mode, you’re kind of up a tree — because during everything you do, even trying to sleep, your body thinks there is a threat.

Our bodies are built to heal.

At this office, we help people get out of that fight or flight mode.

It’s the only reason why we even adjust people — to get them out of that mode, get their bodies back trying to adapt, and then once we get them there, we just don’t touch them anymore. That’s the whole goal.

If you’d like to learn more and just talk about what’s going on with you, feel free to make an appointment on our site; set up a time, and let’s chat and see if we can’t help you out.