When someone comes in for the first time and they usually come in pain. They’re wondering if the adjustments also going to hurt. The answer is no. Adjustments when done right with the right place at the right time feel quite good actually and are relieving of your pain. So when people come to us looking for help, they’re not just looking to get out of pain. Temporarily. Many of them want to get out of pain for long periods of time and experience improvement in their health,  more stability, and more resilience. The goal of chiropractic care, especially the work that we do, is to deliver as few adjustments as possible for the maximum amount of time and improvement not just with a little bit of neck and back pain. We want to see your entire health improve and get more resilient. So you can do things in life, play with your child on the floor, go workout at the gym, mow your lawn, or work on the car and not have this risk of having a back go out or a migraine start or something like that.

 My name is Doctor Jason, I work with The Specific Chiropractic Centers here in Chico. If you’re curious about chiropractic care and whether or not it might be good. I encourage you to reach out to us via our website or give us a phone call. We’d be happy to explain it to you.