Some of my patients think I look like Mister Rogers when I wear my favorite outfit, and since I’m wearing it today, I’d like to have a little storytime and talk about neck and back pain, and how chiropractors are really not neck and back pain doctors. A lot of people think that’s what we do.

They think I’m a walking aspirin with hands and I’m here to just put the neck and back pain fires out. The truth of the matter is that Chiropractic care was never a neck and back pain treatment. In fact, the very first chiropractic patient somebody who had their hearing restored deafness more or less.

Chiropractic care makes sure the body’s nervous system can function without any interference, which sometimes can come from misaligned joints in the spine. So yes, chiropractors do help a lot of people that have neck and back pain, but that’s really a side effect of what we do.

The real goal of our care is to help people that have chronic and recurring health issues because they have a nervous system that isn’t able to work normally. So we help people that have migraines and recurring headaches, balance problems, digestive issues, and immune problems – a whole host of issues can come from nervous system interference.

The best way to treat that in many cases is by working on the spine. No, we’re not neck and back pain treatment doctors, and we’re not walking aspirins with hands. There are lots of other ways.

In fact, there are probably even more effective ways to help back and neck pain besides chiropractic care.

But when you have a chronic and recurring issue that isn’t going away after you’ve worked out and isn’t going away after you’ve changed your diet, that’s when chiropractic care can really help.

If you’re reading this article and you’ve had this experience where you went to a chiropractor and got results with something besides neck and back pain, please make a comment below so the people watching this can understand that we’re not just a neck and back pain treatment center. We help people have all kinds of chronic and recurring issues.

My name is Doctor Jason Gonzales and I’m with The Specific Chiropractic Care here in Chico.  We help people to have chronic and recurring health issues, way more important than just neck and back pain problems.