Are You One Of Those People

That makes it through about 30 minutes of a movie and then falls asleep? If that’s you, then you may be one of the 60 to 70 million people in America that are suffering with some sort of an obstructive sleep apnea.

It’s super common, it’s super underdiagnosed, and now thanks to technology, we have some wearable devices that make it very easy to figure out if that’s something that you’re struggling with. Oftentimes one of the signs and symptoms is exhaustion. You get super tired. You might be sitting in a comfy chair, on your couch, maybe you go to the theater, and you try to watch a movie, and you never seem to make it through. It may just be more than being chronically tired. You may actually have some sort of an apnea, and if you have apnea, you’re not breathing at nighttime. You’re not getting oxygenated. Your nervous system is constantly firing off the fight or flight signal to force you to breathe and wake up so you’re never really getting rested. If you feel like you’re exhausted all the time that you can’t even watch a TV show without nodding off, then it’s something that is worth investigating. With this new wearable technology that we have makes it very, very easy to get a bead on what’s going on with you so that we can implement strategies to help. My name is Doctor Shane Smith. I own The Specific Chiropractic Center right here in Chico, and if you’d like to chat with me about the sleep issues that you’re having, click the link below, let’s set up a time to chat and go over your case together and see if we’re a good fit.