I got to talk to you about something that drives me absolutely bonkers. It’s people who wait until they’re an absolute pain before they decide to try to take care of themselves. It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. And I don’t understand it. I’m here to try to help you get in front of that.

Waiting until your car runs out of gas completely before you decide it’s time to fill up the tank, we don’t do that. And you can’t be doing this kind of stuff with your body, especially right now. It is so important to get in front of these and have the mindset of being preventative, right?

Just like your car. The first sign might be the engine light, then it flashes, then it beeps, your car drives all funny and then it smokes. If you would have just taken it into the shop when the first light came on, it might’ve been like an $85 repair job. The longer you wait and the more things start to go wrong with your vehicle. Now it’s like a $4,500 repair job.

We can’t be taking those kinds of chances with our bodies. We only get one. You can’t go to the dealership and get another one. So the kind of people who come and see us, they’ve been struggling, they know something’s wrong. They’re just tired of waiting for someone to point it out. You can’t wait. You can’t be living in pain and chronic illness and just waiting for somebody to just come along and give you this magical diagnosis or pill, that’s going to get you out of it because it doesn’t work that way. We’ve got to work together as a team to get you ahead of this. We’ve got to work to try to prevent it. If we can. You’ve all heard that term before announced that prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, right? It’s much more expensive and it costs you so much more than money to wait until you get sick and are in absolute agony than it does just to come in and be preventative.

It’s so much cheaper. You have a better quality of life if you can jump in before you start to feel the symptoms and pain and all of these kinds of warning signs that your body is trying to give you. Please don’t make me crazy. Please, if you’re out there and you think something was wrong, you just want a partner in health. That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we do.

My name is Doctor Shane Smith. I own The Specific Chiropractic Center right here in Chico, and I look forward to helping you take your walk towards health. Just click the link below and let’s see if what we do is going to be a great fit for you. I hope to hear from you soon.