“Every day is a gift, don’t forget it.” I have this tattooed on my body.

This got me through with the long day at the office.

I spend most of my time helping people that could have been helped a long time ago if they just had a different version of the story.

It’s sad, but there’s a lot of people out there who are running around with these fixable and solvable health issues — and the only version of the story they’re getting is how to manage the problem, not actually resolve it.

For anyone out there who has chronic health issues, sleep issues, gut issues and digestion problems, physical pain, insomnia, immune system, auto-immune stuff — all that stuff — for the most part pain is resolvable.

But you don’t want to just manage the issues as they get worse.


If you’re like me, you believe that health comes from the inside out and I encourage you to keep looking for someone who can help you find a different version of the story.

Still based on facts, still based on research and evidence-based practice, but there are plenty of ways to help improve your health and improve how your body functions.

You don’t just have to learn to live with stuff like many people are told.

When people come in the office, they give me a long list of these symptoms and what have they tried to resolve it and this and that. Many of them, it’s just medication or rest — they’re not really getting help, resolving some really basic stuff.

So that’s what we do here at The Specific. If you’re out there and you’re suffering from a chronic health issue and you’re just not getting any real help, just advice on how to manage it, I encourage you to look us up, reach out to us.

Maybe we’re not the doctor for you, but I promise you we can find someone else who can help, if we’re not the answer for you.

Every day is a gift. Don’t waste it. We only have so many. We’ll talk to you soon.