Having an overactive, or maybe a depressed mind, certainly isn’t the most common reason somebody would want to choose to work with a chiropractor, but believe it or not, a body’s structure and alignment very much can affect the body’s brain chemistry and how the brain functions.

If somebody out there feels like they have an overactive mind, or maybe a depressed, slow functioning mind, and they’re not really interested in pharmacology, they don’t want to just patch it up, they actually want to address some of the root causes of that, one of the things they need to consider is their body’s alignment.

That’s why chiropractic care, in some cases, can have a really big impact on how the brain operates and how it works.

In our office, one of the things that’s quite unique with what we do is we actually have some tools that measure that aspect of the nervous system that controls the brain and how it functions.

People that have issues with depression or issues with anxiety, in many cases, get out of that with not just a blood chemistry conversation, but it could also be a structural alignment conversation, which is why we have such great track records of those kinds of issues.

If there is anyone out there who has those issues, or if you know somebody who has those issues, this might be something they want to consider doing.

My name is Dr. Jason Gonzales, and I work with The Specific Chiropractic Centers here in Chico, and we help people that have overactive or depressed kinds of minds with this natural approach to healthcare.