Heading To Chico

My wife and I had a call with her parents the other day just talking about the trip to Chico and how we’re going to get out there.

We are going to be driving out there.

We’ve got my truck and my wife’s car, and we’re taking a rental truck to take all of our stuff from our house here in South Carolina to come out and live with you guys out in Chico. We’re pretty excited about it.

We went through and talked about what kind of route we’re going to be taking and what kind of stops we’re going to be making as well. We’re taking the Southern route through. We’re going to be driving through Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, and all those States down there.

We figured that we were going to stop at Little Rock, Arkansas. I’ve been there one time.

My wife and her parents have never been there, so that’ll be a fun stop.

Another cool place that we’re going to stop at is Flagstaff, Arizona. We’re super pumped to get all those experiences in along the way, on the drive out to Chico, California.