So Let’s Talk About Wishes For A Little Bit

I’ve got a couple of birthday parties coming up this weekend.

So birthday wishes are on my mind, and a mentor of mine, gave me, I think, what was like the perfect way to summarize why it’s so important to focus on- not focus on necessarily- but spend some time every day on one’s health.

And what he told me was relative to wishes.

When you’re healthy, you have lots of wishes in life.

And you can think about what it would be like to go on a great vacation or maybe get a new job or be in a new relationship.

And you have lots of wishes and lots of things you can do.

And you can focus on all of those things.

But when someone isn’t healthy, he said you only get one wish a day.

And every wish is the same, you wake up every day, and you just wish you had your health so that you could focus on other things.

So anyone watching this video who is struggling with their health and their health keeps getting in the way of everything else they want to do in their life, that’s not okay.

And there are different ways to get your health back.

And so, I encourage those people to keep trying and consider what I do in terms of chiropractic care as a way to get their health back.

Chiropractic care is super important for helping your nervous system work well.

The nervous system is what makes the whole bodywork well.