How do you know how to pick a good chiropractor? Most people don’t know there are different types of chiropractors, just like there are different types of medical doctors. And it’s not always obvious based on the website or the first phone call.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor, I want to give you a few things to consider, to make sure that you pick a good chiropractor who’s going to address your needs. One of the first things you look for is your experience on the first time you go, usually when the first visit is the exam visit, where the doctor has spent some time trying to figure out what’s causing your aches, pains or health issues, so they know what to do about it.

And on that first exam visit, do you feel like it’s thorough or do you feel like it’s just a cookie-cutter, canned approach? Do you feel like they’re really digging down deep and trying to find the root of your issue or just helping you manage the effects of it?

Now, the goal of chiropractic care is really to improve somebody’s nervous system function. So the whole body can function better. And if you’re going to be improving nervous system function, it’s really hard to know how that’s happening. If you’re just feeling the spine or just asking the patient how they’re feeling.

In our office at THE SPECIFIC, we use technology called PARASPINAL THERMOGRAPHY that helps us actually measure and graph nervous system function. We know when to treat the patient , when to leave them alone and how they’re progressing over their course of their case.

The other thing that’s important is, does your chiropractor take any x-rays when necessary? In our office at THE SPECIFIC, we always take x-rays when necessary. It’s important to know if it’s safe to adjust the patient, where to adjust the patient and how to adjust the patient. These things you can’t always feel and determine just based on feeling the spine alone with your hands.

The other thing to consider is, do you have access to the doctor between appointments? Does your doctor give you his or her personal email or phone number? So you can call them between appointments, if you have any questions about your case or how you’re feeling.

If you have experience with other chiropractors and you’re looking for a new one, look for things that are unique. For instance, in our office, we have a special resting recovery suite that our patients go into after they receive the treatment before they go home. So they can recover and let their body heal a little bit more. Does your treatment change and evolve over the course of your care? When you start care, you’ve got a lot of symptoms and you need a lot of help, but over the course your body gets better. Does your treatment stay and keep pace with your body’s recovery? Do you need less as you go, or do you always get the same treatment? Do you and your doctor talk about the end date of your treatment and what that should look like? Do you ever have a visit where you don’t get adjusted?

The adjustment is designed to help improve how your body functions and address the root cause. So once that’s been addressed, you shouldn’t have to be adjusted every single time forever. There should be a point at which you can hold the adjustment for points. And then lastly, is your doctor a standalone doctor? Do they practice by themselves? This means they’re running both the back end of the office, the business, and they’re trying to manage patient care.

At THE SPECIFIC we have a whole team plus run the back end of the office and the business side so that our doctors can focus just on patient care.
My name is Doctor Jason, I’m with THE SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTOR CENTERS here in Chico. And I invite you to check out our website or give us a phone call or reach out to us on Facebook and find out if we’re a good fit for you.