Eye masks, special pillows, special mattresses, white noise machines, essential oils, over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, apnea machines. People spend a lot of time, energy trying to find better ways to sleep because not getting sleep can just wreck everything. Getting good sleep is a great way to naturally boost your immune system helps you stay more mentally sharp and focused throughout the day helps you recover from the day before sleep was so important for so many reasons.

And if you’re not getting good sleep and you’ve been trying lots of other things, and it’s still not very effective or you’re afraid of maybe getting hooked on some prescription sleep aid, chiropractic care might be a good solution for you. There are lots of people who experience better sleep as their side effects or as a result of going to see their chiropractor.

The reason that chiropractic care can be so effective for sleep issues is that being able to shift gears from being awake and being active and calming things down internally, so you can fall asleep. That’s something that your central nervous system is supposed to do and chiropractic care when done at the right time in the right place improves central nervous system function.

My name is Doctor Jason. I work with THE SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTIC CENTERS here in Chico.  A lot of our former patients have told us that after they’d begin to work with us, they experienced better sleep. Even if that wasn’t the reason they were coming to see us in the first place. So I encourage you to check out our website or go to our Facebook page and get in touch with us to find out if chiropractic care is a good way to help you sleep better.