Medical Research Has Shown Us How Important Sleep Is

We’ve all realized how important sleep is when it comes to our immune system function, our ability to focus and concentrate, help keep our anxiety in check.

And the problem is, is that a lot of health issues, aches, pains, blood sugar problems, anxiety, blood chemistry problems, a lot of those things that we struggle with affect our sleep.

And then if our sleep gets affected, it makes it harder for us to recover in this part of our life, and it begins to affect a lot of things.

And it was interesting to learn is that chiropractic care, when done at the right place, and at the right time, has a massive track record of success when it comes to sleep.

In our office, we do progress evaluations.

So after a patient’s been under care for a little bit of time, we go back and do a thorough workup to see how everything’s coming along.

And one of the reasons that we’re able to help people get better sleep is because we help improve nervous system function, which is a crucial aspect of being able to sleep.

You being able to shift gears neurologically so we can rest and calm down, and our brain stops racing, we can fall asleep.

And in our office, we use parastomal thermography to track nervous system function.

So if somebody has sleep issues, and they know it, and it’s just, it’s wrecking things, I encourage you to spend some time figuring that out.