Sometimes people come in as a couple, husband and wife or what have you. As a joke, the husband or the wife might ask, “Hey, can you do like an attitude adjustment?”

They’ve kind of been depressed or little bit angry lately, and I know they’re just kidding, but to be honest, chiropractic care does have a pretty good track record when it comes down to people that have anxiety or depression or just feeling just down a lot.

I think the reason for that is because when somebody’s always in pain and they don’t feel like anything is being done to really help them get better, and they’re just day to day just managing symptoms, it’s a really depressing place to be. It’s a very disempowering place to be, and it doesn’t make it easy to be hopeful about life and optimistic.

When somebody gets under care and they feel like their needs are being met finally, and they’re actually having someone help them restore their health, that’s very powerful. That’s a very powerful emotion to have.

Both scientifically and neurologically, what we do with an adjustment, we know for a fact can help improve brain function and your outlook on life.

Just knowing that somebody’s showing up every day to be with you and help you get better, not just pump the brakes as something gets worse, that’s a really empowering place to be.

We tell people if that’s the place you’re in, we’d encourage you to reach out, get in touch with us, or get in touch with a holistic doctor or chiropractor, someone whose job is to help restore function, not just manage symptoms.

My name is Dr. Jason Gonzales and I work at The Specific Chiropractic Center here in Chico, and we love helping people that feel like there’s not a whole lot left to hope for.