Blood Flow Is Just like The Sand In This Hourglass

How much and how well blood gets to the fingers and the tips of the nose and down to the toes depends upon the heart beating and the pressure in the system.

It also depends on the shape of the body.

You know, getting the blood to go from the feet back up, or getting the blood to go from the heart up to the head depends on the shape, depends on the shape of the torso, how much air someone can take in when they breathe.

So your posture, the range of motion, all the muscle tension, all of that affects how well blood flows and circulates, and if blood can’t flow and circulate to the tips of the fingers or the toes, the nails get unhealthy or discolored fungus.

Toe fungus is very common in poor circulation.

Tips of the nose are always cold, wearing socks to bed, are all signs and symptoms that someone has poor circulation, and chiropractic care can be a great way to improve circulation.

Not only because it affects the nervous system, which controls all the circulation functions of the body, but chiropractic care can also improve the posture, make it easier to get a better breath and make it easier to stand up straight or have to think about it so hard.