Lots Of People Are Talking About How Important Being More Flexible And Mobile Is.

It’s also pro athletes now who are focusing more on being flexible and being mobile than they are on being strong. Someone’s ability to have a dynamic, mobile, flexible body is not just how much they stretch and how much yoga they do, and how much time they spend at the gym. Some of that stuff is out of their control.

A lot of our body shape, our posture, our range of motion are controlled neurologically. That nervous system function starts up here with the brainstem. As an example, something that can override everyone’s efforts in terms of getting flexible, if somebody is spending a lot of time in the gym and doing a lot of yoga, and they’re just not seeing the progress they’re expecting to see, there’s a good chance that person’s nervous system is involved.

As an example of how that happens, there’s a reflex called the righting reflex. This is just one example of how your nervous system can undermine your efforts to get more flexible, and therefore, why someone needs to look at their nervous system as a possible way to get improved mobility and function.

There’s this reflex that is trying to keep your head as level as possible. Just like if I balance a broomstick in my hand if I want to keep this broomstick balanced, I have to keep the top still. I keep the top still more or less by moving the bottom part down here. If I move my hand, I can make an adjustment to keep the top pretty still and balanced. The body does the same thing. The body’s trying to keep the head level.

If somebody notices that no matter how much they stretch, they always have one shoulder a bit higher than the other, a hip that’s higher than the other, or their back is always tight, or their neck is always tight, this is probably happening to them, and they’re just not aware of it. If somebody out there watching this video has problems with their mobility, problems with their flexibility, and they’re putting in the effort, but not getting the results they need, you might need to contact us or at least get some more information about other things that are affecting that.

Reach out to us and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.