Ever seen someone so nervous their hands are shaking or  they feel like they’re going to throw up. Those are just two effects. The body goes through when the nervous system’s under a ton of stress and that’s just the beginning of it. Which is why we spend so much time talking about nervous system function here in the office.

This is a picture of it. The brain, the spinal cord, and all the nerves that branch out from that.

That system is like the secret controller of everything else in the body. Everything that somebody tastes,  hears,  smells or touches, their digestion, their sleep, how well their body is able to regulate hormone function. All of that is controlled and coordinated by the nervous system.

The funny part about the nervous system is when it’s not working normally, the person doesn’t always feel it. They don’t feel the problem within the nerves themselves. What they’ll notice is their body doesn’t work and some other part or piece, some joint always hurts or their digestion is always off no matter what they try to fix.

If somebody were to flip off somebody’s fuse box panel on their house, the owner of the house wouldn’t always notice the fuse box panel has been flipped cause they don’t go check the fuse box. What they’ll notice is part of the house doesn’t work normally anymore. Maybe in one of the bedrooms the lights shut off,  in the kitchen,  the appliances don’t work anymore. That problem will never get fixed if they kept buying new fridges or replacing light bulbs, cause it’s not a light bulb or a fridge problem in that case. It’s a wiring electrical problem coming from the fuse box and the same thing can happen in the body sometimes.

My name is Doctor Jason, I’m with THE SPECIFIC. In our office we measure nervous system function.  That’s the primary goal of working with us is trying to improve nervous system function so the whole body can function better. Not just a part or piece here and there for a short amount of time, but the whole body for a long period of time.  I invite you to check out our Facebook page so you can learn more about the work that we do, how it relates to nervous system function and we’ll give you a bunch of cool little tips and tricks as well. We’ll see you later.