Is My Gut Healthy? Here's how you can tell...

If being healthy is the goal then you need to have healthy guts and that doesn’t just mean having a trim waist so you can fit into your favorite pair of jeans.

Your guts, or digestive system, plays a vital role in keeping the rest of your body feeling and looking good – including your hair, skin, and nails.


Based on the epidemic levels or poor health in our country it’s apparent that many people aren’t able to keep their guts in proper working order. In fact, antacid medication is near the top of the list for most used over-the-counter drugs! When digestive health is poor than the rest of the body will suffer too because the rest of the body depends on the digestive system for nutrition and immune system function!


Every system in the body is connected – especially the digestive system.

So when you’re wondering if you’ve got a healthy gut you have to take into account other areas of your body. In many instances, the symptoms of poor gut health have nothing to do with stomach pain, gas, bloating, or heartburn.


For example… Did you know nearly all autoimmune conditions are related to poor gut health? Even anxiety, depression, low energy, skin irritations, and insomnia can all be symptoms of poor gut health.


The long list of symptoms that might be a clue that you’ve got poor gut health will be below, but that’s just the beginning. Once you discover that your digestive system is related to your symptoms then you’ll want to start making some changes to improve your gut health.


If your symptoms are mild and you haven’t had them for more than 6 months you can probably do the necessary work on your own. However, if your symptoms are moderate to severe and they’ve been around for more than 6 months you’ll want to work with a holistic doctor or health professional so you can improve your gut health as fast and as much as possible – after all, your overall health and quality of life are depending on it!


Here are those symptoms to be on the lookout for…


Frequent illness






Hormone imbalance



Autoimmune disease



Intestinal spasms


Irregular periods

Blood sugar imbalances

Low white blood cell count


Mood swings

Chronic coughing

Nausea or vomiting

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Passing gas


Seasonal allergies


Skin Rashes


Stomach pain


Stuffy nose

Difficulty concentrating

Thyroid imbalance


Weight gain




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