I’m at my chicken coop, and it’s one of those things that fresh eggs and happy hens make me feel happy.

We’ve got a cool Facebook group that I would love to invite you to its called Feel Good Chico.

We’ve got a couple hundred people in there right now, and we just share things that make us feel good.

We try to center around stuff that’s healthier, so hiking, and if you like to crochet, I don’t know how to do that, but if you’ve got some neat stuff that you like to do that makes you feel good, we’re just trying to get build a forum, and build a nice group of folks that are sharing things that make them feel good.

If you’ve got questions on how to feel better, it’s an open forum for that, too.

You got a lot of support in there and some great feedback, and just a group of people trying to share fun things that make us all feel good.

If you’d like to join our group, I’d love to invite you search us on Facebook.

It’s called Feel Good Chico.