Hey, Chico, I Have A Question For You

What if everything in this office, electronic-wise, was not working.

The light switches aren’t working, and the computer’s not turning on.

What’s the first thing that you would want to check?

Now, we say we’ve checked the light switches and computer.

They do work, but if they weren’t working, we’d probably want to head over here to the place where all the electricity is run through into this building.

So you want to come in here and check this box and see maybe we got a tripped breaker or something like that.

Well, because the problem is right here, the breaker was tripped.

So we’re not getting any electricity into that room.

Our bodies kind of work the same way.

We have our nervous system, and we have a bunch of pieces of our nervous system.

Now, we can have our nerves out at the ends of our fingers not really work properly, but we can also have the central nervous system, that’s the brain and the spinal cord, that can be not working properly as well.

So you have a lot of issues kind of that are connected in with each other, and it could be a nervous system issue.

And that’s where we can come into play.

We work directly with the nervous system.

So if you want to know more, you want to get your room back working again, maybe get your life back working again, click the link above or below, and we’d love to help you out.