Wires In A House Are Like Your Nervous System

When there is an issue with the electricity what do we do?

Now you think that person would probably want to try to fix the problem by buying new light bulbs or maybe buying a new TV or something?

Or do you think it makes more sense to go to the fuse box?

So when it comes to the body, there’s a neurological fusebox, it’s your brainstem.

It has to be fixed up here where the neurological fuse box is, the brainstem.

And that’s exactly what we do for patients in the office.

Patients that have chronic and recurring health issues, and they’ve spent so much time and so much of their energy and resources focusing on the part of the piece that hurts, and yet they’re not getting any long-term improvement?

We’re the doctors that look at the neurological fuse box, potentially the source of the issue.

And by flipping on the fuse at the right spot, just like in my office room, boom, all of a sudden the lights come on and they stay on just like they’re supposed to.

So if somebody watching this video has a chronic and recurring health issue that’s not getting any better, and you’re focusing on the part of the piece, maybe it’s time to look at the fusebox.