Would it be weird if I said that I was a chiropractor, and I’m looking for ways to not adjust our patients?

Because that’s exactly what we do here at our office.

See, our goal here at the Specific is not to get you in here and see you a million times, but it’s actually to get you in here, check you, see how you’re doing.

We can establish when do we need to adjust you versus when do we not.

The idea being that if we can get you to the point where you don’t need to be adjusted very often, that’s a really good thing.

Our goal here at the Specific is to assess our patients, come up with a plan, adjust them accordingly with the intention and the goal being –how do we get more time between visits for you to have a better quality of life in between those visits and not to depend on me or any other doctor to be adjusting you or checking you?

We feel the body is self sustainable.

If we can create a program to get you to that point with the least amount of interference from ourselves, I think that’s a pretty good deal.

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