One of the things that people have an issue with, sometimes with chiropractic care, is that they wonder if the care is working.

How do I know these adjustments are working?

In our office, we like to show people how this happens, not just an act of faith, if you will, to work with us.

When you work with us, we’ll show you exactly how much these adjustments are working.

Here’s an example; when people first come in, they fill out a questionnaire.

We care for them for a while, have them fill it out again, and repeat until there’s nothing left to complain about.

When someone comes in, we use digital thermography to measure neurological function. If there’s an issue, it will show up as wavy lines, and if we make a proper adjustment, those lines get straighter. That’s proof something positive happened with the adjustment.

This isn’t them just telling me they feel better, this is me measuring something they could never have changed on their own, and it’s showing us the treatment is working.

We also X-ray them from different angles to help us figure out where to adjust, what’s wrong, and then sometimes we’ll have to go back and X-ray them again.

There are three different ways of proof that adjustments work, and not to mention all the stories and testimonials you can read.

In our office, we like to prove it, not just have you believe that it’s going to happen.