“What they need is a doctor who was able to identify and fix the actual problem. So when after the mailbox, a couple of days ago and found this, thank you card in it. And it wasn’t from a patient that I’m currently seeing. It was from somebody who I’d never seen, somebody who just called in the office looking for some help.

And I told them the kind of issue they had was not what we do. And they needed to go contact a different doctor. I told them exactly who to call. Where the office was the whole ball of wax. Pretty much put them in touch with each other. And the woman named Melissa sent me a thank you card telling me that I was under the wrong and misguided impression. My next step to being pain-free was going to be surgery. And it’s not, she’s getting help from the doctor. I told her to go see it. And so I believe that when somebody is. Not doing well and they’re in pain and they’re sick or they’re suffering and they’re in a vulnerable state reaching out for help. What they need is not a real relationship with the doctor based on convenience or insurance reimbursement, what they need is a doctor who was able to identify and fix the actual problem.

And that’s what I was able to help this woman with. You know, she wrote in, you could see her writing here. And I pride myself on helping people, regardless of whether or not that means they’re going to be a patient if I need to refer them to someone else. That’s my job is to help people. So when someone comes in or when someone calls, I’m not trying to convince them to be patient, I’m trying to figure out exactly what they need.
And if it happens to be what I do great, then we can help you. And if it’s not, then I’ll tell you exactly where to go. My name’s Doctor Jason Gonzales and I work with The Specific Chiropractic Centers in Chico.