Like An Extension Cord, You Don’t Always Fall In Line And Do What You’re Supposed To

It’s my job to help you curl up and get some sleep.

But it’s frustrating.

And there are moments when I just want to kind of throw it aside and say, forget about it.

And I’ve noticed with myself anyway, having two young kids in the house and everything, and I get frustrated pretty dang easily if I’m not sleeping well,

My fuse is extra short, which I’m sure is true for a lot of people watching this video.

If you don’t get good sleep, everything- you just kind of get grumpy, you’re quick to anger, and everything else.

So for lots of reasons, not just health, I take care of people that have chronic issues and many of them have trouble sleeping, which is making everything else worse.

But for just quality of life, just enjoyment, getting good sleep is super important, and it’s worth spending some time and resources and energy figuring it out if you’re not getting good sleep.

I mean, looking at some of the long-term studies of people that don’t get good sleep, I mean, there’s some real risk of some serious stuff happening later in life.

Not to use fear as a motivating factor, but if it helps, I certainly want to be able to enjoy my golden years, as they say, not forget everything I’ve been working so hard to create during my life.

So I encourage anyone watching this video who is not getting good sleep, someone who finds themselves getting frustrated easily, maybe that’s a sign.

Speak with someone who can help you out.

And pharmacology is an option, but not your only option to get better sleep, actual, true recovery, restorative sleep where you feel better day today, and you feel like you’re going to tackle the day from moment one not using extra coffee.