There’s only about 1% of chiros across the globe that do the kind of work that we do.

One of the things that make us unique is, besides measuring your nervous system function to see if you even need the kind of care that we provide, that’s the first thing we do.

The second thing we do is we take 3D X-rays, which show images of the area that we know are causing the issue inside your spinal cord, we take them from front to back, top to bottom left to right.

We take end-range motion film, so we can watch what happens to the bones and the joints inside of your spinal column and see what direction they’re moving, and more importantly, which directions are they not moving.

That gives us the ability to super customize your adjustment that fits your body, the fixation, the direction we need to help the joints go.

Before we do any sort of adjustments, we send every digital image that we have immediately over via the internet, there’s the little WiFi up there, and we ship it off to our radiology team.

They’re out in Florida, they give us a full report, a radiology report comes back to us, and then within a day or so, we sit back down with our patients and show them, with a report in hand, kind of what we found, what we need to do to fix it and create a very customized plan based on the very, truly specific needs of the patient.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do here at the office, give us a call.

Take care.