Imagine A Dirty Glass Of Water

You wouldn’t take a drink out of it but you could clean it to make it safe to drink.

If you were to continuously pour water into the glass it will eventually dilute it to an acceptable amount.

All the dirt and grime would flow out as the glass overflowed.

This analogy is exactly what it means to restore your health versus managing symptoms.

If I just focused on the dirty water that I had in here, and I added iodine or bleach, it would just leave more residue.

But if I flush it out and continue to flush it out and dilute it to the point where it’s like this, I’d be happy to take a drink of the dirty water.

And so, when it comes to symptoms and health, these are healthy activities.

So like getting sleep and drinking clean water, and going for walks, and exercising and stuff.

And if this were your symptoms and your, and your sickness or your health issues, if you just constantly keep dumping in the healthy stuff then eventually what happens with your symptoms?

They go away.