I Own The Specific Chiropractic Center, And We Know That This Last Year Has Been Super Nutty On Everybody

And so what we decided to do was partner up.

The first 30 patients that come into The Specific Chiropractic Center for their examination.

We’re going to buy you guys the first two weeks of fresh food from Fresh Cove to help you on your way on your wellness journey.

At Fresh Cove here we believe in healthy food and making healthy food taste good.

So, healthy food should taste good that way you continue to eat it.

So we do everything from keto meals, gluten-free meals, vegan, vegetarian to meet the different diet types.

And we make it very easy for you to plan your meals for the week so you can get hot food from us or you can do your full meal prep.

And we can help you with all your macros.

We have it ready for you when you come in the store as you have places to go, our bowls are customizable, we deliver, and we try to make it as easy for you to eat healthy as you can.

We want to be running in January.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.