Hey Guys, It’s Doctor Jeremy, and I Know That Some Of You Are Scared of Me

And, you know, with scary chiropractic videos out there I’m not surprised. Chiropractic isn’t about the bones and it’s not about the noise.

What it is about is the nervous system, and what my job is, is to help the brain and the body communicate effectively through that nervous system to help you live at your highest potential.

Some people that don’t have that communication, just feel like they have a lack of energy.

They’re just dragging through the day.

Some people get upset stomachs after they eat a meal.

All that’s your nervous system talking.

You know, thrusting into the spine and making a bunch of noise isn’t what we’re about.

What we are about is finding that root cause and addressing that root cause through adjustments, and we want to adjust as little as possible to help you get the maximum benefit.