So One Of The Things I Love Most About Winter Is Sleep

The sun goes down earlier, it’s colder outside, much easier to get good sleep.

And getting good sleep, that means, coming from experience, I’ve got two younger kids, and they’re not as young as they used to be, but when they were young, and they weren’t sleeping very well, which means I wasn’t sleeping very well, man, it just wrecks everything.

Your health goes down your energy, your focus.

I mean, there are very few things that aren’t impacted by getting poor sleep.

So if someone watching this video is not getting good sleep, that’s a problem.

We’ve got to figure that out.

And so one of the things we like to focus on in our office as we get people well is one of the things we look at is their sleep habits and trying to get them a better sleep.

That’s something that we can build on.

So in terms of helping people that have chronic and stubborn health issues get well, one of the first things we begin to unpack is their sleep habits, their sleep hygiene, their sleep environment, and make sure we optimize that.

So if you have any questions about your sleep or you have any concerns about your sleep, you might want to get in touch with us to see if we can help you.