If You Are A Snorer

Or if you find yourself falling asleep on the couch and you’re snorting and waking yourself up, you might need an at-home sleep study, which is what we’re able to do now here at the office. I have two graphs where my oxygen levels actually dropped. When that happens, your brain has to go into super hyperdrive mode. It forces you to wake up and breathe otherwise, you’re not going to make it.

If that’s happening to you, if you’re a snorer, turns out 80% of people who snore have some sort of apnea, which means this is happening to you often throughout the evening. And guess what? If you’re not breathing at nighttime, you’re not sleeping.

Why? Your brain is firing off into fight or flight mode. It’s that super stress response to keep you alive so you can breathe at nighttime. You cannot rest, therefore you cannot repair from the day’s damage that was done to you. Every single day, you’re going to feel like your health is slipping further and further away from you. If you’re struggling with sleep, if you’re waking up exhausted, if nothing crazy is wrong, but you’re asking why you’re tired all of the time, it could be this.

It’s super easy to test, super affordable, and if it’s something you are interested in, get in touch with us. It’s free. We’ll just go over your case together to see if it would be a smart choice, and we’ll set it up for you. My name is Doctor Shane Smith. I own The Specific Chiropractic Centers right here in Chico, and I’ll look forward to speaking with you soon.