I Don’t Think I Can Regrow The Tip Of My Thumb Like A Starfish

But I can help your body heal itself faster, and more effectively.

I’m Dr. Jeremy with The Specific Chiropractic Center here in Chico.

And what we do is exactly that, and we help people recover from injuries.

And it can be anything from a sports injury back in high school, or college car accidents, or maybe you slipped and fell in the kitchen, or maybe it was icy outside and you flipped and slipped and fell outside.

We can help recover with that, help your body recover with that.

And how we do that is we help the connection between your brain and your body.

And we do that through chiropractic.

So, if you want to know, or if you have some injuries that you’re are just lingering around and you want to know more, get in contact with us, you can shoot us a message here on Facebook.

You can go to our website, set up a phone call with our office, and we would love to get in contact with you.

As I said, I’m Dr. Jeremy and I want to get you hooked on health.