Immune system, immune system, immune system.

So many people are talking about the immune system these days, and they rightly should be, given COVID and everything that’s going on with that.

Most people are talking about vitamin D, getting good sleep, or taking some vitamin C or zinc now and again, and all those things are good ideas, and do improve immune system function, but one of the things that people are not talking about as much as they should be is nervous system function, and how much the nervous system influences and controls your immune system function.

Yes, those are important, but if the nervous system isn’t able to work very well, your immune system is going to suffer the consequences from that.

Which is why chiropractic care is an essential piece for those looking to have the best immune systems possible.

The chiropractic adjustment helps improve autonomic nervous system function, and that’s the part of your nervous system that controls and coordinates immune system function.

If immune system function is concerning to someone reading this, I strongly encourage you to look at chiropractic care as a way of boosting and helping support immune system function.

In my office, we’re helping people that have compromised, poorly functioning immune systems through chiropractic care.

If you have any questions for me about the work that we do or how it all happens, reach out to us.

We’re easy ahold of and talk to, and I encourage you to get in touch.

Stay well.