Always have hope

I wanted to share a quick story about this amazing homemade bench that I have sitting in my garage, we call it the Suicide Bench.

A patient of mine named Emil came in years ago with a condition called trigeminal neuralgia. It’s called the suicide disease because a high percentage of people who have this condition end up taking their own lives due to the pain.

Emil and I were able to put a plan together, and after a few months he told me, “Doc, if this is as good as it gets, I’m happy.”

I’m pleased to say we got him feeling even better than that, and now fast forward I see him a couple of times a year for a check-up, and he’s finally back to doing what he used to before his condition.

He’s a woodworker, and as a thank you, he made me this incredibly redwood bench and I’m forever grateful for it.

This story makes me a little emotional but the point is that he was able to go back to living his life.

Never give up

I wanted to share this story for two reasons; first, if you’re feeling hopeless and want to give up, please don’t. Call someone, talk to friends and family or even call me.

Secondly, if you’re struggling with a chronic health condition, don’t give up on that either. Keep looking, there’s always going to be someone out there who can help.

If there’s someone out there struggling with something and are convinced they just need to live with it, I encourage you to reach out to us, let’s set up a time to talk.

Never give up.

Take care.