The first time I went to a chiropractor I was 18.

I just come off some of my best months of cycling and part of cycling is that you crash and get hurt, so then you ended up in the offices of massage therapists and chiropractors eventually.

I was referred to one by a buddy of mine who was also a racer. I walked in and I didn’t really know what to expect overall. I had some ideas of what I thought I might see.

New chiropractors worked on athletes, that was my experience.  They did stuff for neck and back pain, so I thought I’d see maybe some x-rays laying around.

I knew I’d see some funny tables, where they do their adjustments or whatever, but I’ll tell you what I did not expect to see in the walls of the office and around the hallways were testimonials, which is something I hadn’t ever seen before.

There were pictures of people and their stories of why they were going to see this chiropractor I was seeing.

It wasn’t neck and back pain stuff. It was surprising. It was migraines, dizziness, digestive issues, balance problems, anxiety and, numbness .

I did not really think chiropractors were able to help with it. After all, that was medical doctor stuff!

And that’s what stuck with me the first time I went to a chiropractor. It wasn’t the adjustment I received or what I expect and what I was told, but the kind of cases that they were helping was just shocking to me.

I believe that you don’t really know until you try something and you don’t really know until you really dig into it.

Sometimes the stereotypes that we hear and the urban legends we hear, they’re not all true.  Some things are worth looking into.

My name is Doctor Jason Gonzales and I’m with THE SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTIC CENTER here in CHICO.