My first time with a chiropractor was not even for me. It was for my then-girlfriend now wife. We went to this chiropractor because we were seeking help for her migraines.

She had tremendous migraines, they were debilitating. She’d be down for four days and it was really painful for me to watch her go through that experience.

So we went to the chiropractor.  It was unlike anything we’d ever been through before with any other doctor. He was sincere, he cared, he took his time listen, and came up with a plan to help my now wife.

I joined in care as well. I didn’t really have a lot of symptoms, but I can tell you that my quality of life increased. Things that I didn’t think about were getting better, like my quality of sleep, my ability to focus, and then the best part was to watch the transition of my wife to go from this person who was just in a shell to come out and be her wonderful self.

It inspired me so much that  I had to become a chiropractor because I knew there were so many other people out there, sick and suffering. Now I get to be like my first chiropractor. I get to help other people get their lives back.

My name is Doctor Shane Smith. I own THE SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTIC CENTERS here in Chico. I’d love to be able to help you too.