Let’s talk about what health is not: prescriptions.

This is a lot of different ways to manage your symptoms as you slowly get worse in time. Your body doesn’t need this stuff.

It’s a great way to help symptoms go away, but as soon as the medication wears off, they’re going to be waiting for you again.

The only real way to naturally restore your health is with natural means.

Generally, when we work with patients, here’s what it looks like.

There are three areas to focus on: your body’s structure, your body blood chemistry, and then your self-care routine.

If you can get all three of those dialed in: your structure, your blood chemistry, and your self-care, that’s how you get that optimal type of function for your body, where you wake up every day feeling awesome.

If you don’t have any one of these dialed in, you don’t have a proper alignment, your blood chemistry is out of balance, or you don’t have a good self care routine, then you’re not going to be healthy.

End of story.

For people out there who are stuck just managing symptoms endlessly day to day, week to week, with no end in sight and really no hope of getting any better, the way to break out of that cycle is to help fix those things we talked about via natural means, and that’s why people get the results they do when they work with us.

My name is Dr. Jason Gonzalez, and I work at The Specific Chiropractic Center here in Chico, and we help people restore their health, not manage symptoms, restore their health with natural health care.