A Mentor Of Mine Many Years Ago Told Me An Analogy

One’s life needs to reflect the flame of a candle in the sense that from when you’re born to when you die, your health, your vitality, just like the flame of a candle stays the same and then just right near the end, it flickers and then goes out.

As a candle burns down, the intensity of the flame doesn’t slowly diminish.

As the candle Burns down, it stays just as bright.

It might flicker with wind and that kind of thing, but it always comes back.

And one’s health can be the same.

You don’t have to slowly die and slowly get weaker and slower and more unhealthy over your last 20 or 30 years.

You can stay healthy and vital your entire time, but the way to do that is living a life where you’re constantly pursuing, as far as your health goes, addressing the root causes of issues and not just managing the effects.

Sometimes people equate the drug-free life as that life.

And there’s certainly a time and a place for pharmaceuticals.

They save lives.

But in terms of living a life that reflects the flame of a candle, where you have your health and your wellness and your energy and your zest for life up until the end, chiropractic care, I think, needs to be a consideration for people who want to live a life like that.

What we do is very natural.

What we do is drug-free.

What we do is designed really to kind of keep your candle burning bright for as long as possible and not let it slowly wither.

So for those out there who are watching this video, and maybe you feel like your candle flame is withering and you want to turn it back on again and get it brighter again, I’d encourage you to look into chiropractic care.

My name is Dr. Jason.

I work at The Specific Chiropractic Center here in Chico, and this is what we do.