We’ve Talked About Getting Good Quality Sleep,

How impactful poor sleep can be on your health, your concentration and your overall quality of life. And some of the questions we’ve received on this topic are about how chiropractic care can help with sleep, and how that relationship works. The main reason that we’re able to help people get better sleep is because of what chiropractic care can do to improve your nervous system function, which is the system of your body responsible for coordinating and controlling your body’s ability to shift into that sleepy mode.

One of the other reasons that we’re able to get good results with sleep issues is because we use technology that’s available to us to help track and measure our patient’s sleep at home. It’s a wearable device called a Circul ring. Maybe you’ve seen it before. By using data that patients can share with us, we’re able to figure out how much their sleep is improving or maybe where they’re not seeing improvement and they should be. But this data is extremely helpful, and this little wearable device, the Circul ring, gives us different data than some of the other wearables out there like the WHOOP or the Apple watch. This is specifically designed better for sleep issues, which is why we use it.

My name is Doctor Jason. I work here at The Specific Chiropractic Center in Chico, and we help people that have sleep issues because we’re able to use devices like this to help us get more data. If you have any questions about how that works or what it looks like to get in touch with us or work with us, please reach out.