I Remember Doing Saturday Morning Chores Since I Was A Kid.

My mom had me get up and clean up around the house, which I hated. Obviously as a kid, you don’t want to wake up and start doing chores, but I did like having a clean room and having a clean house.

As I got older, I began to see the wisdom in the regular maintenance work versus the occasional massive cleanup work, and now that I’m in practice, many people I work with that have chronic health issues got there because they didn’t do the maintenance. They just kind of neglected doing the small little things for themselves and for their body, and they just wait until the big nasty problem arises. Now they have to pay people to help them out.

Just like cleaning your house or your car, if you just maintain it a little bit, it’ll help you avoid those big nasty jobs down the road that are way more expensive. My name is Doctor Jason. I work with The Specific Chiropractic Centers here in Chico, and here’s to maintenance work.