So we get a lot of questions about what exactly is a chiropractic adjustment?

Well, the answer is a chiropractor will use their hands usually, or sometimes a special little handheld device, or sometimes the table itself will drop a little bit, but the goal of an adjustment is to actually move the vertebrae a little bit in your spine, or sometimes they try to address more than one.

And the purpose of an adjustment is to free up the communication between the brain and the body at its most basic level.

That’s how the body works is all the parts and pieces of our body, all the muscles, organs, glands, tissues, all the other systems, like your digestive system, your hormone system, all those systems, the only reason they do anything at all is because there’s a message that goes from the brain down to the body and that message gets there by way of the nerves.

So if somebody is having chronic and recurring issues that don’t seem to get better as they should on their own.

We see a lot of migraines, headaches, chronic muscle aches and pains, muscles that are, you know, tight and achy for weeks and months on end, digestive issues, balance problems, I mean a whole number of things can be a result of having a spine that’s not properly aligned.

Well, the reason that’s so important is because of that vital brain-body communication.

So, if anyone has any questions about how we make adjustments to the spine, anything like that at all, you’re welcome to get in touch with us.