Being Able To Walk Straight Is Something Many Of Us Take For Granted

But for people that have this unique condition called craniocervical junction syndrome, it often gets misdiagnosed in the medical field, these people lose that ability.

They have a hard time balancing, a hard time concentrating.

A lot of the time it comes from some sort of head or neck trauma.

I remember I had a case a little over a year ago, this poor guy, had to modify his work, he had to drop out of school temporarily because he had all these issues.

What happened was he got hit in the head with a steel bar at work, and it gave him this problem that was misdiagnosed by the medical doctors.

Nothing wrong with how they’re doing it, you can’t see this problem on regular MRIs or CT scans, or x-rays.

He lived like this for over a year before he found us.

And within a couple of two, three months, he was back at work, back at school full-time, able to concentrate, but certainly able to exercise again.

This condition is one I’m super passionate about helping people with because a lot of times, they’re getting misdiagnosed.

So if someone out there, you know, has any questions about what craniocervical junction syndrome is, maybe you have it if you have those kinds of symptoms, and you just want to know more information, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with me.