What To Expect After A Chiropractic Adjustment

There are two answers to the question “What to expect after a chiropractic adjustment” because there are both short term and long term changes that you can expect. Those answers also depend on where the adjustment happens (low back, mid back, neck, upper neck) and when it happens.  


Let’s talk about the short term effects of a chiropractic adjustment…

If you were to ask 100 chiropractic patients as they’re walking out of their appointment…

“How do you feel right now compared to when you showed up for your appointment?”

the average answer would be…


“A little looser, a little less tension, and a little less pain.”

The average short term effects of a chiropractic adjustment are nothing special.  Some people will report dramatic improvements, some will feel like nothing changed, and some will feel worse. The reason that the short term effects of an adjustment are all over the map is because a chiropractic adjustment was never intended to provide immediate pain relief. The purpose of an adjustment is long term improvement of nervous system function, specifically the autonomic nervous system.


Now let’s chat about the long term effects of a chiropractic adjustment…

The goal of an adjustment is to improve your nervous system function by making sure your spine isn’t out of alignment causing nervous system interference (autonomic dystonia). And remember… your nervous system controls your muscles, your muscle coordination, organ function, digestion, immune system, and pretty much everything else in your body. For instance, if you have chronic muscle tension you can get short term relief by working the muscle and you can get long term relief by working on the nervous system that controls the muscle.

When the chiropractic adjustment is delivered to the right spot (and the right spot isn’t always where you feel your pain) then you can expect a gradual improvement until you’re back to normal. And the symptoms shouldn’t return as long as your spine stays in alignment and your nervous system continues to work well.

When you work with a chiropractor that uses objective tests and exams you’re more likely to have the long term benefits that you’re looking for – without needing to go back over and over. When you’re chiropractic simply adjusts you wherever you happen to have discomfort or muscle tension and they don’t have a way of objectively assessing your nervous function then you might not get the long term relief you’re hoping for.

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