Imagine that most people, when they think about being healthy, they think about being fit and how they look in the mirror and their muscles. But to be honest, with you being healthy is not just about how to fit you are.

It’s about your quality of life and whether or not your health is interfering with that.

Whether or not somebody has to take their health into account in every decision they make. You know how far they can travel before they’re back hurts or, can they go out to dinner with their friends and eat off the menu or do they have to order something special?

Can they go on a vacation with their family and not be afraid of getting another migraine or whatever it is that will just ruin the vacation for everybody? Being healthy is it’s about so much more than just being fit.

I had one of my favorite testimonials I’ve gotten from a patient of mine, a mom who was traveling way up on the North Coast, about three hours from Chico.

She sent me a “thank you” card after being under care for about a month or six weeks. And she was coming to me for migraines.

They weren’t just, little migraines that would disrupt a weekend, but migraines that were so often and so severe, it was putting her job security at risk.

She was about to let go because she was missing too much work.

She has two boys – I think they were 10 and 12 at the time. They were in baseball practice and she was missing baseball practice. She couldn’t go out to eat with her family because she would get headaches so often from the smells and the restaurants with the bright lights, and she couldn’t drive at night because of the glare of the oncoming headlights.

Once she started to get some results and her migraine started to go away, she wrote me this “thank you” card. I keep it on my wall because it’s a great reminder of how important your health is for your entire quality of life.

What she wrote back was interesting. What she wrote to me was, “Thank you for giving us our life back.”

She signed for herself and her husband because that’s exactly what she got back: her whole quality of life.

She was able to go take her boys out to go see a movie. She was able to go out to eat with her husband again and not have to fear these debilitating migraines blue. That’s what I believe, health is about quality of life.

My name is Doctor Jason, I’m with THE SPECIFIC, and what I do is help restore the quality of life, not just manage a headache or a pain, but really, truly help people get their life back on track.