Who’s Making Sure Your Doctor Is Making the Right Decisions For Your Health?

It’s a bit of a gamble, isn’t it? Going to a self-employed, standalone doctor or health professional and putting some of your most important health-related decisions in their hands.

Nobody is perfect and the occasional mistake is bound to happen, but what if it’s when they’re working with your or one of your loved ones? Do you know if there’s anyone looking over your standalone doctor’s shoulder to make sure the right decisions are being made?


It’s tough to be a great (fill in the blank) AND run a business at the same time, especially if that “fill in the blank” is a doctor. When a standalone doctor makes their way to the office in the morning are they thinking about you or the nuts and bolts of the business? If the doctor has less than 20 years in the same office then it’s probably the business, not you.


Remember, doctors go to school (for a very long time by the way) to be… DOCTORS! If there was a business course somewhere during the course of their education it was either about how to manage debt or embarrassingly antiquated business advice, or both. The world of business moves too fast for the latest strategies to make it into the school curriculum. And even if the school were able to incorporate up-to-date business advice the student’s mind is focused on being a great doctor not running a business – not yet anyway.


About 9 months into their first year of being self-employed is when your doctor starts thinking about the business side of things. They have to because many of them are going broke about then and they realize they can’t pay their bills (and they have many) with passion and a good effort alone.


Finding a doctor that works with a larger company is the best choice you can make as a patient.


When your doctor has a professional team behind them helping to run the business side of things then they have more time to focus on you and being a great doctor. The business is being run by people that know the business – which is how it should be!


At The Specific Chiropractic Centers we ensure our doctors are heading to the office thinking about their patients, not the nuts and bolts of the business. And since our doctors are in an elite category of upper cervical chiropractic we require they receive frequent training, leaving them even less time to focus on anything else, but excellent patient care.


When you work with a doctor that is supported by a larger company is that you have access to the latest technology in that particular branch of healthcare. The people working behind the scenes at The Specific Chiropractic Centers, the business people, know that incorporating the latest technology is vital to staying on the leading edge of healthcare. The business people have time to research and negotiate the acquisition of the latest technology, not the doctors. That’s why many self employed, stand alone doctors have outdated equipment.


What about catching those mistakes? Only doctors that have a support and accountability network with other doctors have the luxury of having another set of eyes looking over their work. Our standards of patient care and our quality control is evident in our results.


When you work with one of our doctors you can rest easy knowing everything is being taken care of just the way it should be.

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