There Are Lots Of Reasons I Decided To Take This Route In My Career

I had the grades and the skillsets to do other things in my life, but I chose this for lots of reasons, but primarily, near the very top of that list is stuff like this.

I love solving puzzles. Strategy games and puzzles are- that’s my jam kind of.

And when it comes to helping somebody resolve a health problem, not just managing, let’s be honest here, managing stuff is pretty simple.

You’ve got this symptom.

I’m just going to give you this little thing here you take every day, and it helps mask the symptom.

Not that hard, I don’t think, but fixing stuff getting down in there and finding out what’s wrong and what’s at the root of the person’s health issue, that’s not as easy as it sounds, and when it comes to the kind of work that we do here in our office, we help people that have all kinds of chronic, stubborn, hard to figure out health issues, and the symptom management approach that pretty much all they’ve been offered before coming here isn’t working for them anymore.

It’s not serving them anymore.

And the people that work with us are trying to get their health back and their life back on track, not just continue to pump the brakes as they get worse.

And so the fact that I love working with puzzles, honestly, I think that makes me good at my job because I’m patient enough and I have the skillset and the curiosity and interest to dig down and figure out what’s wrong.

Sometimes what I do in the office is what the person needs to get well again, and we go about doing that.

Sometimes, honestly, it’s not.

But in the process of doing the initial exams and doing all the things that we measure, we uncover and figure out what probably is the root of the issue.

And if it’s not what we do, then refer them to the best person for that.

So, either way, people that come to work with us, get their puzzles solved, not just kind of swept under the rug like they do in other places.

My name is Dr. Jason.

I work with people that have chronic and stubborn health issues here at The Specific Chiropractic Center of Chico.

I love puzzles, and I would love to help people that have stubborn hard to figure out health issues get well again.