Sometimes I get asked why you chose Chico to work when people find out I’m from Seattle.

This morning after I left my house, I was able to drop my kids off at school and make it to the office on time, maybe 15, 20 minutes. This afternoon, I was able to leave the office for a few minutes to go pick up my kids, bring them home, and then come back to the office. Again, took me 15, 20 minutes to do all that.

I love Chico seeing all the sun and blue sky most of the time. We’re a big outdoor family. We love all the parks and the hiking trails. Sierra Nevada mountains are just up the road. That’s a huge selling point. Also, I grew up outside of Seattle. I went to school in a big, huge city in the Bay area. I got tired of the big city traffic life. I love that Chico, everything is 10 to 15 minutes away and not much longer. You don’t have to build your day around traffic patterns. It has a small town feel, but it has everything else you want in a life. A great place to raise a family.

That’s why I chose Chico to practice and I love Chico. I have no plans on leaving. I think that’s going to be home for a long time.
My name is Doctor Jason Gonzales and I work at THE SPECIFIC CENTER . Take care.